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23 March, 2017



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Keel-Haul is an assymmetrical multiplayer action game that pits the greatest pirate captains from across the seven seas against deadly sea monsters, in a battle for gold and glory. The game currently features local versus multiplayer, with 3 deadly pirate ships and a crafty Kraken. The pirates fight over barrels of treasure that they must bring back to their island to win, while the Kraken acts as an agitator in all corners of the map, trying to sink ships and defend the treasure horde. The pirates can use an assortment of weapons such as their cannons, hookshot and bombs to use against each other and the Kraken. The Kraken can play stealthily, hide underwater and drag them to the depths from the below. The game will release October 2016 so prepare to Get Wrecked!


Six strangers were forced to team up and come up with a game idea for a university course. 2 months and many broken hearts later, Keel-Haul was born! The game was shown at the Level Up Showcase Competition where it won People's Choice award and was the runner up for Best Visual Design and Best Overall Game.


  • Asymmetrical multiplayer with different classes of pirate ships and one dangerously sneaky Kraken.
  • Online matchmaking and dedicated server support
  • Local Splitscreen and AI support. Supports Ps4, Xbox 360 and Pc Controls!
  • Stunning Visuals and heavy pirate rich lore.


Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Peoples Choice" Level Up 2016
  • "Best in Show Finalist" Level Up 2016
  • "Artistic Achievement, 2nd Place" Level Up 2016

Selected Articles

  • "The top 5 games of the show"
    - Raju Mudhar, The Star
  • "This game will ruin friendships...I love it."
    - Dillon Nusca,

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We make games and the like. Currently working on Keel-Haul.

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Keel Haul Credits

Abhijeeth Swaminathan
CEO, Lead Programmer

Will Parks
Creative Director, Designer

Nathan Pilla
Artist, Designer, Freelancer

Murali Komaravolu

Vignesh Ravi

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